Run by Ana Ribeiro, Clinical Psychologist & Mindfulness Teacher

An eight-week life-skills course at The Child and Family Practice


Wednesdays 17th Jan. to 14th March 2018

(No session on Half Term, 14th Feb 2018)


Time: 6:15pm – 8:00pm

Long/reunion session (opt.) Sat 14 April 11am – 5pm

Small groups: 8 participants max.

  Total hours: 20



Joint booking 10% discount

University students discretionary discount avail. Please enquire further.


Contact: anaribeiro10@me.com


“I had been looking for a programme to teach me how to become calmer, more focused and to be less swayed away by the sometimes overwhelming demands of daily life. The MBCT course offered me just this and more. It introduced me to the techniques of mindfulness and the methods of cognitive behavioural therapy offering a mix of practical exercises and theoretical insights. It equipped me with the confidence to apply the learnt outside the formal session. I greatly benefited from the course and I can thoroughly recommend it. ” G.W.

“it has helped me to gain calmness in adversity. My mind appears to be clearer and better able to make decisions. It allows me to be kind to myself. I have learned I can’t solve other people’s problems.
I sleep better. I feel more grounded” S.R.

“it was helpful because I’ve learnt to have a different perspective to my thoughts, which helped me in turn, with coping with difficulties.” (Anonymous)

“The course has allowed me to make huge changes in my life – and I think it will transform my future life it I continue using the skills I have learned.” L. O.

“Found it useful in everyday life, work and in coping with stress and feelings of being overwhelmed by “too much to do” and not enough time.” V.K.

“ delivered the practical techniques I need to practise mindfulness – with theory & discussion that made sense to me & my life. I greatly appreciated doing this in a group – I benefitted from the reflections (& warmth) of others.” J.C.

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