Are you experiencing a difficult time or conflict in your couple relationship? Are you thinking about seeking couple therapy to address these?

We are looking for intercultural couples, who are willing to attend couple therapy as part of a research study. Our research broadly focuses on couple cohesion and satisfaction amongst intercultural couples of in the U.K.

Participants will engage in couple sessions with the therapists, which will last approximately 1-1 ½ hours. The couple sessions will be video-recorded and transcribed.

There are many ways to define an intercultural couple. For the purposes of this study, we are looking for intercultural heterosexual couples where one partner is from the West (U.S, Europe, the U.K and Australia) and the other is a migrant from Asia, Africa or Latin America. The migrant partner should have arrived in the U.K after the age of 12 and you need to have been cohabiting for at least a year.

If you and your partner meet these criteria and would like to participate in our research and receive couple therapy, please get in touch.

Sessions will be confidential, and take place at a convenient location in Central London.

If you would like to participate or simply to receive further