Family Counselling

The Child & Family Practice specialises in its therapeutic work with families and couples. A large number of the faculty are trained as family therapists and couples therapists. We have many years of clinical and therapeutic experience, and offer a large range of skills and approaches, for the many difficulties that families present to us. These include; playtherapy and behavioural approaches with oppositional young children and their families, working with eating difficulties, separation and divorce processes, re-oraganising step families and families in adolescent developmental crisis..

 We also have a number of highly experienced marital therapists who offer therapeutic interventions for sexually dysfunctional couples, couples in emotional difficulties and couples in relationship breakdown.
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Family Therapy Consultants

Adrian Clarke

Accredited family mediator, solicitor & counsellor

Suzanne Hutchison

Family & Couple Systemic Psychotherapist

Annie Flower

Child, Adolescent, Family & Couples Therapist

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At The Child and Family Practice our specialists can help with both physical and mental health needs, education and family problems, mediation and medicolegal reports. We aim to offer sensitive individually tailored confidential highly professional services and, where necessary, integrated care across a range of professions and specialities .

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