General Paediatrics

Professor Ricky Richardson offers a General Paediatric Service at The Child and Family Practice where concerned parents who are worried about the health and wellbeing of their children can be seen quickly and efficiently. These clinics are in addition to his regular clinics at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Trust and The Princess Margaret Hospital in Windsor. Although a very experienced General Paediatrician he has a special expertise in Neuro-developmental paediatrics and assessing children with specific learning and behavioural difficulties. Working with specialist colleagues he is Team Leader of the Multidisciplinary Assessment Service (MDA).

Dr Sunil Pullaperuma – Paediatric Neurologist – offers a Paediatric Neurology and Neuro-developmental service. In addition Dr Pullaperuma also runs a service for Children with headaches . If specialist knowledge is required, access to the International and Private Patients Unit at GOSH can be facilitated. Appointments can be made by calling 0207 637 7697 or by email.

The Enuresis Clinic

Bedwetting (primary nocturnal enuresis or PNE) is a common world- wide disorder affecting between 7 and 10 percent of 7 year old children. Many causative factors have been shown to be associated with PNE including a genetic predisposition, early life events and social factors. Children with PNE are usually well adjusted psychologically although the impact of the experience can be considerable. They frequently feel guilt and shame and may suffer a loss of self esteem.

Improvement in the well being of a child and a reduction in parental stress can be attributed to offering support as early as possible. For the 5 to 7 year old child behavioural intervention can be very helpful. Over the age of 7 years treatment interventions may be effective. The Enuresis Clinic is designed to offer the child and family with the expert opinion of a children’s kidney specialist.

Adequate time spent in assessing the nature of the problem together with careful and considerate examination with frequent follow up and emotional support are known to be important for determining the outcome.

Professional Information

Disorders of micturition i.e. wetting is the most common urinary tract disorder in children. In the majority of children there is no underlying organic pathology and the long term prognosis is excellent in that the majority will become dry even without treatment. In spite of this fact children who wet can be amongst the most challenging for any doctor.

This is principally because the problem may be poorly understood, there is no obvious causative pathology and treatment is both arduous and very time consuming. Explanation and information are the essential management components. Whether the strategy be a behavioural or a therapeutic intervention the importance of devoting sufficient time to a child and family burdened with this problem is paramount. This is the purpose of The Child and Family Practice Enuresis Clinic.

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