Parents and Babies in Mind

Often expecting a child and making decisions about having a baby bring up many different emotions; excitement and hopes for the future.

However, having a child and thinking about having a family might also bring up mixed emotions. It is a big change in life. Anyone can feel understandably anxious about becoming a parent and the changes that this might bring into their lives.

Just the idea of having a child might become more challenging if conceiving has been difficult or has required fertility treatment.

It is even more difficult if there has been a miscarriage or a loss prior to the new pregnancy. Therefore stress might play an important part at such 
a crucial time.

Having a space to talk about these anxieties helps to manage stressful and at times upsetting feelings at such a special time.

Sometimes parents feel concerned about their bonding with their baby or about specific difficulties like sleeping and eating.

On a few occasions, after the birth of a baby, mothers can suffer from postnatal depression and might have more mixed feelings towards their baby. It is also recognized that fathers’ emotional wellbeing is also affected, but they might find it harder to talk about it.

What can you get help with?

• Finding becoming and being a parent difficult to cope with

• Experiencing difficult feelings that have stirred up as a result of becoming a parent or following pre-post pregnancy difficulties such as miscarriages and complicated pregnancies.

• Worrying about the bonding with your baby

• Concerns about your baby’s development in general or about persistent sleeping, crying and eating difficulties

• Developing a new relationship with your adopted baby

Parent and infant psychotherapy

Sometimes specialist support is needed to ensure a healthy attachment right from the start when it is of most benefit to the baby, the period from conception to age two.

This is where ‘Parent-Infant Psychotherapy’ might be helpful. The therapist would see one or both parents with their baby to make sense of those difficult emotions and to receive the right support to raise resilient, fulfilled and emotionally balanced children.

In your session, you will gain a deeper understanding of your parenting style and discover new ways of thinking about your baby, the relationship between you, and how to meet their emotional and developmental needs.

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