Dr Lucy Brown-Wright

Dr Lucy Brown-Wright

Consultant Clinical Psychologist
+44 020 7034 2690

Dr. Lucy Brown-Wright is a Chartered Psychologist who has worked with children, young people and their families for seventeen years. She is a mother of two.

Dr. Lucy Brown-Wright has a specialist interest in neuro-development and undertaking learning assessments where there are questions about a young person’s development and them reaching their full academic potential. This may identify special educational needs, areas of strength and possible weakness, alongside consideration being given to dyslexia, dyspraxia, specific language impairment, attention and social communication difficulties.

She co-runs the Social Communication Clinic jointly with Professor David Skuse at TCFP. This includes comprehensive assessment of autism spectrum disorders and co-occurring emotional / behavioural difficulties using a multi-disciplinary approach. Alongside working in private practice, she has been employed by Great Ormond Street Hospital since 2001.

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