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You may wonder why the Child and Family Practice links the clinical with the educational when your child becomes our patient.

The role of the educational arm of the CFP, is to put the assessments of the clinical specialists into an educational context. The multidisciplinary nature of the assessments enables those of us in the education team, to convert the recommendations of the clinicians into classroom practice. This helps to ensure that your child receives the best possible attention with the benefit of advice from our experienced team of professionals.

We pride ourselves on our close liaison with schools and ensure that your child’s progress is central to any discussion held between parent, school, clinicians and the education team.

In the event that another school may be more appropriate for your child, we help to determine the best educational trajectory and are proactive in helping you find a school that is the right match for your child.

Our team of educational specialists were all heads of schools before going into consultancy and have many years of experience in the classroom. When difficult decisions have to be made, they also draw on their lessons learnt in the management role and put this accumulated knowledge to best use – helping your child.

Whether your child is closer to 3 years or 18 years, one of the team will be on hand to listen, advise and guide.
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Education Services Consultants

Mrs Christine Leslie, BA (Virginia) Cert. Ed

Headmistress of co-ed, girls & boys preparatory schools

Patricia Griffin

Educational Consultant & Independent Schools Inspector

Kate King

Educational Consultant

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At The Child and Family Practice our specialists can help with both physical and mental health needs, education and family problems, mediation and medicolegal reports.

We aim to offer sensitive individually tailored confidential highly professional services and, where necessary, integrated care across a range of professions and specialities.

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