Through her years as a specialist teacher and SENCo in the independent sector, Kate has provided support for children, advice for parents, and has also trained and worked with teaching staff to ensure that the needs of each individual child are met. Kate has a comprehensive knowledge of how specific learning difficulties impact learning and everyday life. She is a passionate supporter of a neurodiverse approach: centred on the needs of the child and not the label.

Kate’s child-centred, holistic approach started with Montessori training, then moved into the complexities of specific learning difficulties. Kate provides practical recommendations and strategies that not only help with current challenges, but also build towards the next stage of the educational journey.

Kate’s approach and grounded advice looks beyond the labels. The needs of the child and the family are her primary consideration. Kate believes in the importance of early intervention and places strong importance on self-esteem and emotional wellbeing. In addition to her specialist training, Kate is also trained to teach mindfulness to children and is currently training as a play therapist.