Direct Consultation with Children and Child Inclusive Mediation

Children are likely to find their parents’ separation easier to manage if they are consulted about future decisions involving them. We enable children to meet a specially trained mediator in a confidential setting to express their views about decisions which are being taken about their futures. This could take place as part of the mediation process or as a free-standing service (for instance, if your lawyers are negotiating on your behalves about child contact arrangements). Both the research evidence and our experience suggests that it is important to give children and young people a voice in decisions concerning them unless there are good reasons not to do so.

 Adrian Clarke runs The Child & Family Practice mediation service. You can contact him through the practice via phone or email

Relevant Consultant

Adrian Clarke

Accredited family mediator, psychotherapist & solicitor

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The Child and Family Practice is internationally recognised for its expertise in the psychological well-being and mental health of children, young people and adults. Our team includes leaders in the fields of psychiatry, psychology, psychotherapy and mediation for children, adolescents, adults and couples.

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