Supporting Collaborative Process

We provide family consultancy support for the collaborative law process.

Collaborative process is an alternative to mediation. It involves you and your solicitor having a series of round table meetings with your ex and his or her lawyer with a view to reaching a financial settlement and an agreement about arrangements for your children.

All parties sign an agreement that if you cannot reach a settlement then the lawyers will not act for you in court proceedings (you would have to instruct new firms).

 Family consultants are instructed to support you through the process and to help you and your ex to think constructively about future arrangements for the children.
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Relevant Consultants

Adrian Clarke

UKCP registered psychotherapist, accredited family mediator

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At The Child and Family Practice our specialists can help with both physical and mental health needs, education and family problems, mediation and medicolegal reports.

We aim to offer sensitive individually tailored confidential highly professional services and, where necessary, integrated care across a range of professions and specialities.

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