In London, it is predicted that by 2030, 50% of people will be foreign born, suggesting that multiculturalism in couple relationships is a trend that is set to rise in the nation’s capital and beyond.

Yet the cultural differences that intrigue and attract couples to one another at the beginning can be the very same things that cause friction and conflict later on – especially when the couple become parents.

London’s Intercultural Couples Centre provides a range of research-led, specialised therapeutic services for couples who hail from different cultural backgrounds.

Couples therapy, family therapy and mediation for intercultural couples and dual heritage families.

• Mediation for couples who are in the process of separating and divorcing

• Support groups for intercultural parents

• Intercultural therapy training for professionals

• Public speaking and media consultation on intercultural relationship issues.

• Pre-martial/prenuptial therapy for couples from different religious and faith backgrounds.

Our services are designed to work with intercultural couples at every stage of the family life cycle, from before they decide to get married/cohabit until post retirement. Each life cycle or developmental stage presents unique challenges for intercultural couples.

As the Centre is based within the Child and Family Practice in London couples and families will also be able to access the services of a wider multidisciplinary team, including child and adolescent psychiatrists, educational psychologists, clinical psychologists and child psychotherapists, if required.

Dr Reenee Singh is the Centre’s director, and the co-directors are Professor Janet Reibstein, couple and family systemic psychotherapist and Mr. Adrian Clarke, couple, family and individual psychotherapist and family mediator.

“Intercultural Couples issues can include conflicts and misunderstanding over how to negotiate relations with the couples’ parents and extended families or over culturally mismatched child-rearing styles. Later on, they can encounter difficulties raising dual heritage children and establishing “where is home?’ for the family.”

Dr Reenee Singh

Director Intercultural Couples Centre

Dr Reenee Singh

Consultant Family and Couple Systemic Psychotherapist

Suzanne Hutchison

UKCP Registered Systemic Family Therapist

Adrian Clarke


Professor Janet Reibstein

Consultant Clinical Psychologist (Family & Couples) MA, PhD, C. Psychol, UKCP registered, FRSA

Ellie Kavner

Consultant Systemic Psychotherapist