Adolescents who are less securely attached to their parents already cost society more at age 13

In a new study by TFCP member Stephen Scott (link below)  174 young people aged 10-17 were given the Child Attachment Interview and the amount of services they use such as education meetings, social services et cetera was calculated. Those who did not enjoy an open, trusting relationship with their parents cost more money  – those who were insecurely attached to their mother cost £10,200 extra versus £6700 for those who were secure; the cost difference for fathers was far more, £1,300 versus £14,000.

The study makes a powerful case for government investment in good quality parenting programmes that can help all parents provide what Stephen calls “love and limits”, incorporating sensitive involvement with calm boundaries.

Link to study:

The cost of love: financial consequences of insecure attachment in antisocial youth

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